The Survey Center on American Life is a project of the American Enterprise Institute. Our dedicated team conducts original survey research to examine how cultural, political, and technological changes affect the lives of everyday Americans.

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Internships are available at the Survey Center on American Life for the Fall, Spring, and Summer to experienced undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates. Interested in applying? Please see below for opportunities. Candidates may apply at

Spring Intern: Survey Center on American Life

Research Fellow Daniel A. Cox is the director of the Survey Center on American Life, a project of AEI, and an expert on polling and public opinion. He specializes in survey research, politics, youth culture and identity, and religion. Interns working for him have the opportunity to work on a range of different public opinion projects and gain exposure to different types of survey analysis techniques and various polling methodologies.

The right candidate will have a basic understanding of survey research and data analysis and have some familiarity with SPSS, Stata, or another statistics program. The intern will assist in research for surveys and articles, clean and back-code data, and provide support for ongoing research and survey projects. Topics of research change every semester, with a focus on religion, politics, and youth culture over time. The intern will become an integral part of the survey research team by helping identify new research questions in religion and politics and assisting in the development of research strategies and analysis of survey results.

The ideal candidate will have an educational background in political science, statistics, or a related field; strong research abilities; some data experience; curiosity; and a self-directed work ethic. Experience with Stata or SPSS is preferred but not required.

AEI’s spring 2021 internship program will be conducted fully remotely. There will be two start dates for the spring program: January 19 and January 25. The program will run for a minimum of 10 weeks, although most interns’ end dates fall around mid-May.

Recent Commentary

Daniel A. Cox
November 19, 2020

The 2020 election was a perfect example of the weaknesses — and strengths — of political polls

For those of us interested in understanding the world, polling offers an incredibly useful and cost-effective tool. It’s critical that we get it right.

Daniel A. Cox, Brent Orrell
October 26, 2020

What’s going on with Republican women?

It is easy to discount QAnon—but the reality is it is quickly emerging from the shadows into a full-blown political movement that periodically receives the passive, and at times, active support of the president of the United States.

Daniel A. Cox
October 25, 2020

Biden’s ‘seize the center’ campaign strategy may just deliver him the White House

If Biden is able to capitalize on the current set of circumstances presented by an unpopular incumbent, he may show the efficacy of persuasion-based tactics simply by demonstrating that there are more persuadable voters than many of us think.

Daniel A. Cox, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux
September 17, 2020

More and more Americans aren’t religious. Why are Democrats ignoring these voters?

Often lost in this, though, is the fact that Democrats are mostly ignoring a massive group of voters who are becoming an increasingly crucial part of their base: people who don’t have any religion at all.