For Republicans, abortion attitudes differ depending on the composition of their social circle

October 7, 2020 Daniel A. Cox, Samantha Goldstein

Although abortion attitudes are highly polarized between the two parties and the issue remains contentious, among Republicans, views vary depending on their political networks.


Democrats and Republicans believe their opponents’ policies threaten the national interest

September 30, 2020 Daniel A. Cox

Lost amid the rhetorical brinksmanship in the fight to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who recently passed after battling pancreatic cancer, is the reason Republicans believe this particular fight is necessary and why Democrats are unlikely to take a measured response.


What happens to parents when community spaces close?

August 12, 2020 Daniel A. Cox, Samuel J. Abrams

If it takes a village to raise a child, what happens to parents when the village goes into lockdown?


The parents are not all right: The experiences of parenting during a pandemic

July 9, 2020 Daniel A. Cox, Samuel J. Abrams

Parenting during a pandemic has placed a huge burden on those with children at home. As parent’s think about sending their children back to school during the coronavirus pandemic, mothers are especially anxious about the idea. Mothers have experienced a decline in mental health, especially single mothers.


Younger Christians care less about their partner’s religious beliefs

February 13, 2020 Daniel A. Cox

Younger Christians are much more comfortable than older Christians with the idea of dating someone who does not share their views about God.


Dating across the aisle is difficult in the age of Trump

February 10, 2020 Daniel A. Cox

It’s not surprising that Trump has intruded into our dating lives. Through social media, news coverage, and a barrage of controversial comments, Trump is a feature of American public life.


Partisan attachment: How politics is changing dating and relationships in the Trump era

February 6, 2020 Daniel A. Cox, Jacqueline Clemence, Eleanor O'Neil

In the January 2020 American Perspectives Survey, no other issue is more of a deal breaker for Americans when it comes to dating than someone having a different opinion on abortion. Many also find it would be difficult to date someone with a different opinion on Donald Trump.


Millennials are leaving religion and not coming back

December 12, 2019 Daniel A. Cox, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux

Millennials are more likely to say they they have no religion as they are to identify as Christian, as evidence mounts that today’s younger generations may be leaving religion for good.


The decline of religion in American family life

December 11, 2019 Daniel A. Cox, Jacqueline Clemence, Eleanor O'Neil

Data from the November 2019 American Perspectives Survey reveals that young people may not be to blame for the decline in religious affiliation. Young people report being raised in less religious households than their parents.


Public views of political compromise and conflict and partisan misperceptions

October 2, 2019 Daniel A. Cox, Jacqueline Clemence, Eleanor O'Neil

Most Americans believe that political differences do not preclude agreement on other topics. Democrats and Republics would take the same view. There’s less consensus across generations.


Survey Reports

Daniel A. Cox, Karlyn Bowman, Jacqueline Clemence
November 18, 2020

Hopes and challenges for community and civic life: Perspectives from the nation and Indiana

The coronavirus outbreak has created tensions between urban Americans hit harder by the virus and small towns and rural communities. Despite these disparities, recently released surveys find that before coronavirus, Americans express many of the same ideas and priorities regarding their communities, revealing we may not be as divided as one might think.

Daniel A. Cox, John Halpin
October 13, 2020

Conspiracy theories, misinformation, COVID-19, and the 2020 election

The September 2020 American Perspectives Survey tested various existing conspiracy theories about politics and misconceptions about public health to ascertain overall support for these ideas and examine whether demographic or partisan backgrounds are associated with greater propensity to accept or reject certain theories.

Daniel A. Cox, Ryan Streeter, Samuel J. Abrams, Jacqueline Clemence
September 30, 2020

Socially distant: How our divided social networks explain our politics

The American National Social Network Survey is designed to help us understand how the nature of personal networks and relationships conditions personal behavior and influences decisions.

Daniel A. Cox
July 15, 2020

STEM perspectives: Attitudes, opportunities, and barriers in America’s STEM workforce

In a survey of STEM graduates, our scholars explore opinions of the STEM field, career satisfaction, and why some STEM degree holders have exited the field.