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Facts & FiguresMay 1, 2024

Young Men Distrust Both Parties

There are growing signs that young adults do not trust either political party. The share of young adults who have a negative view of the Democratic and Republican Parties has risen dramatically in recent years. Today, 31 percent of young adults have a negative view of both parties, far greater than among older Americans. But

White Union household partisan identity trend ANES

Facts & FiguresMarch 25, 2024

White Union Members Grow More Republican

In the late 1960s, union households were Democratic households. Nearly half (46 percent) of Americans who lived in union households identified as Democrats. Over the ensuing decades, Democratic identification among white members of union households has slowly eroded, dipping consistently below four in 10 by 2002. Over that period, the proportion of white Americans in

Family in wheat field at sunset

CommentaryMarch 5, 2024

The Societal Cost of the Marriage Decline

Marriage is positively associated with greater community involvement across a range of different activities.

Chart displaying how men and women perceiving how difficult dating is for their gender

Facts & FiguresFebruary 15, 2024

Dating Difficulties

Most singles today do not enjoy dating, and many say dating has gotten worse. But for the most part, Americans believe dating is difficult for men and women alike. Overall, men tend to believe they have it tougher than women, while women say the opposite. Liberal women and conservative men stand out for feeling that

Young man laying down scrolling on his cell phone

CommentaryFebruary 9, 2024

Gen Z’s Romance Gap: Why Nearly Half of Young Men Aren’t Dating

Until very recently, American culture has operated on the flawed notion that teenage dating and sex required little encouragement. Teenage romance was once seen as a natural part of American adolescence. This, it turns out, is completely wrong. Teenage dating is not inevitable and it’s a rapidly disappearing part of the American teenage experience. These

Young man and woman walking away from one another

CommentaryJanuary 23, 2024

The War within Gen Z

Young men and women no longer agree on anything. What happened?

Facts & FiguresDecember 8, 2023

Born This Way

Long before Americans debated the issue of same-sex marriage, Gallup probed public understanding about the nature and origins of homosexuality. In 1977, more than half (56 percent) reported that homosexuality could be attributed to environmental factors or to upbringing; a scant 13 percent viewed being gay or lesbian as something people are born with. Over

Teenage boy texting

CommentaryNovember 21, 2023

Smells Like Teen Solitude

Smartphone and parenting trends have pushed off major life milestones.

CommentaryNovember 15, 2023

Are The Kids Alright?

What on earth is happening with young voters? A New York Times/Siena College poll of six battleground states found Joe Biden with a one-point lead over former president Trump among 18 to 29 year old registered voters, representing a 25-point swing from the 2020 election. There’s no doubt that Biden is less popular today than when he first

Generation Z and the Transformation of American Adolescence Cover Image

Survey ReportsNovember 9, 2023

Generation Z and the Transformation of American Adolescence: How Gen Z’s Formative Experiences Shape Its Politics, Priorities, and Future

This report explores the foundational differences between American generations through their formative adolescent experiences.


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