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January 2020 American Perspectives Survey

The January 2020 American Perspectives Survey explores the role politics play in Americans’ dating lives and relationship decisions. The national survey of 2,629 adults was conducted using YouGov’s online panel. The survey seeks to understand how religious beliefs and political preferences inform personal decision making with respect to dating and relationships in the modern era. The survey gauges whether certain political beliefs, such as abortion or support for Trump, are dating deal breakers. Finally, the survey investigated the extent to which differences in spending habits, religion, and politics are problems for couples.

Date Fielded: January 13–15, 2020

Sample Size: N=2,629

Related Report: Partisan attachment: How politics is changing dating and relationships in the Trump era

Attached Files

APS Jan-2020 Topline Questionnaire.pdf
APS Jan-2020 SPSS.sav
APS Jan-2020 Stata.dta