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March 2020 American Perspectives Survey

The March 2020 American Perspectives Survey explores Americans’ reactions to the coronavirus as stay at home and lockdown orders went into effect nationwide. The national survey of 2,560 adults was conducted online using YouGov’s online panel and illuminates the anxiety and uncertainty many Americans feel as the virus descends on the country. The survey probes feelings of optimism about the future, when Americans believe life will return to normal, and how they feel the government is responding to the pandemic. The survey also looked to identify the type coping strategies Americans are using—such as prayer, meditation, or reconnecting with friends or family members. 

Date Fielded: March 2630, 2020 

Sample Size: N=2,560 

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Attached Files

APS Mar-2020 Topline Questionnaire.pdf
APS Mar-2020 SPSS.sav
APS Mar-2020 Stata.dta