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May 2021 American Perspectives Survey

Interview Dates: May 14–May 23, 2021

The May 2021 American Perspectives Survey (APS) explores the state of friendship in America today. The national survey of 2,019 adults was conducted using Ipsos’ probability-based online KnowledgePanel. The survey probes the size, and character of Americans’ friendship circles, including how many close friends Americans have, whether people have a close friend or a childhood friend. The survey also explores friendship experiences, such as how often they communicate with, or receive emotional support from their friends, and when was the last time Americans made a close friend, and where.

Survey Report: The state of American friendship: Change, challenges, and loss

Attached Files

APS May 2021 Topline Questionnaire.pdf
APS May-2021.sav
APS May-2021.dta