A Generational Jump in Bisexuality 

April 4, 2023

Stacked vertical bar chart showing the percentage of each generation who identify as LGBTQ

New research finds that one in five adults who belong to Generation Z (age 18 to 25) identify as LGBT. However, most of the increase is due to the jump in bisexual identity—roughly two-thirds of those LGBT Gen Zers are bisexual. Part of this increase in bisexual identity reflects the fluidity with which young people today approach sexuality. Most people who identify as bisexual are not equally attracted to men and women but rather tend to be attracted mostly to men or mostly to women. But it also may be a question of definition. As noted recently in an American Storylines newsletter: “Americans whose sexuality is not something that fits neatly in a check box may find that bisexuality comes closest, even if it’s not completely right.”

Survey Reports

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