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Daniel A. Cox
July 15, 2024

The GOP is Poised to Make Gains With Young Voters

Of the many ways that Donald Trump has scrambled the country’s political demography, none is more surprising than the way he changed the GOP’s relationship with young voters. Not all polling agrees, but many reputable polling outfits have found Trump neck-and-neck with Biden among young voters. But it’s not simply that Trump has suddenly become more appealing

Daniel A. Cox
June 20, 2024

The Surprising Issue That Could Help Biden With Young Voters

Young voters are less supportive of Biden than they were in 2020. Embracing immigration may be the key to reclaiming the youth vote.

Family in wheat field at sunset

Daniel A. Cox
March 5, 2024

The Societal Cost of the Marriage Decline

Marriage is positively associated with greater community involvement across a range of different activities.

Young man laying down scrolling on his cell phone

Daniel A. Cox
February 9, 2024

Gen Z’s Romance Gap: Why Nearly Half of Young Men Aren’t Dating

Until very recently, American culture has operated on the flawed notion that teenage dating and sex required little encouragement. Teenage romance was once seen as a natural part of American adolescence. This, it turns out, is completely wrong. Teenage dating is not inevitable and it’s a rapidly disappearing part of the American teenage experience. These