The Men of the #MeToo Generation 

Daniel A. Cox January 26, 2023

#MeToo movement

In a change of pace, I want to share some findings from a series of in-depth interviews we conducted among 21 young adults on the subjects of dating, gender equality, and the #MeToo movement. This new research is part of a larger collaboration with Ipsos on dating and relationships. Our colleague at Ipsos, Mallory Newall, did a tremendous job conducting these interviews that covered some dicey terrain.

There is no single takeaway from this research, but one thing that emerged from these conversations is how far apart young men and women are on these issues. The #MeToo movement was meant to close the experience gap between men and women. Unfortunately, it seems as wide as ever. 

The “Not Me” Men 

Almost immediately after the #MeToo movement made sexual harassment and assault a national concern, pushback emerged in the shape of a slogan: “Not all men.” The response was designed to short-circuit the conservation, allowing men to exempt themselves from participation. The logic is seductively simple: “If I don’t behave inappropriately, why do I need to take part?”

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