A number of male stick figures colored blue, red, and white.

Are Young Men Becoming Conservative?

Daniel A. Cox June 15, 2023

Or liberal? Do they even care about politics at all? Continue Reading →

young boy sitting on a soccer ball alone on the wedge of a soccer pitch watching other kids play

The Decline of Youth Sports is Making Teen Loneliness Worse

Daniel A. Cox June 1, 2023

The social capital benefits of youth athletics are profound Continue Reading →

Black and white photograph of an empty park bench next to a paved walkway in early spring

Gun Violence is an Assault on Community Life 

Daniel A. Cox May 18, 2023

Mass Shootings are Uniquely Destructive to America’s Public Places Continue Reading →

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Will Artificial Intelligence Make Us Lonelier?

Daniel A. Cox May 4, 2023

As AI becomes more advanced, it promises to reduce human interactions Continue Reading →

abortion rights protestors holding a sign reading "just say no to theocracy."

Will Abortion Restrictions Animate Secular Voters?

Daniel A. Cox April 20, 2023

The Dobbs decision may reshape the political priorities of nonreligious Americans Continue Reading →

Three white men at a Trump rally wearing red "In God we Trump" t-shirts.

Are White Evangelical Christians Finally Tiring of Trump?

Daniel A. Cox April 6, 2023

White Evangelical Christian support for former president Donald Trump is fracturing along familiar lines. Continue Reading →

Photo of a girl sitting on the floor with her head between her knees.

The Despair of Young Liberal Women

Daniel A. Cox March 23, 2023

New research shows young people are in crisis, but how much is due to politics? Continue Reading →

Blue, purple, and pink watercolor bisexual flag.

What is Behind the Generational Jump in Bisexual Identity?

Daniel A. Cox March 9, 2023

One in eight Gen Zers now identifies as bisexual, a uniquely generational trend. Continue Reading →

Cartoon of a man and woman in distress

The Gender Divide in Dating Expectations

Daniel A. Cox February 23, 2023

Are women asking too much or are men offering too little? Continue Reading →

Three men playing cards cartoon.

Male Friendships Are Not Doing the Job

Daniel A. Cox February 9, 2023

Society Expects More from Men as Husbands, Fathers, and Partners, But Men Expect Too Little from Each Other Continue Reading →

Survey Reports

Generation Z and the Transformation of American Adolescence Cover Image

Daniel A. Cox, Kelsey Eyre Hammond, Kyle Gray
November 9, 2023

Generation Z and the Transformation of American Adolescence: How Gen Z’s Formative Experiences Shape Its Politics, Priorities, and Future

This report explores the foundational differences between American generations through their formative adolescent experiences.

Young man sitting in a dark room before a wall featuring various conspiracy theory-related items illuminated by a computer screen

Daniel A. Cox, M. Anthony Mills, Ian R. Banks, Kelsey Eyre Hammond, Kyle Gray
September 28, 2023

America’s Crisis of Confidence: Rising Mistrust, Conspiracies, and Vaccine Hesitancy After COVID-19

America is experiencing a crosscutting crisis of expertise and scientific distrust accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that poses significant challenges to democratic debate and public decision-making

A cartoon showing a vibrant office from the ceiling view.

Daniel A. Cox, Brent Orrell, Kyle Gray, Jessie Wall
September 14, 2023

The Social Workplace: Social Capital, Human Dignity, and Work in America, Volume II

The Social Workplace, Volume II examines Americans’ expectations and experiences surrounding work, the workplace, and key job-related priorities such as pay and interpersonal connections.

An empty debate stage featuring red and blue podiums below a stage light face an audience of nearly-empty seats.

Daniel A. Cox, Ruy Teixeira
June 29, 2023

The 2024 Presidential Election: Evolving Political Coalitions and Familiar Partisan Divisions

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, the AEI Survey Center on American Life conducted a national survey of Americans that explored a wide range of political attitudes, current voting preferences, and perceptions of the political parties.